VirtualRDN Liability Agreement

  1. Your Registered Dietitian does not function as a physician, diagnose or treat disease, nor do nutrition services replace the necessary services of a licensed physician or your other medical practitioners.
  2. Your Registered Dietitian makes no representations, claims, or guarantees regarding the efficacy of her recommendations. The recommendations are based upon a combination of her nutrition education and knowledge of health literature.
  3. I understand that the nature of the recommendations for my care will be explained to me and that I will have the opportunity to ask questions. I am not being forced to accept these recommendations.
  4. Individualized recommendations are offered and applied as an educational and informative consultation. Any action taken as a result of the consultation is done at the sole discretion and risk of Client. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that in addition to any nutrition consultation that you maintain a relationship with one or more physicians qualified to care for health
  5. Client’s electronic acknowledgement verifies that the Client has not been told to discontinue treatments with any other medical specialists or other health care providers. Client’s signature is being given prior to rendering any service, advice, and/or recommendations whatsoever.
  6. Financial Policy: Patients are fully responsible for all professional services received. VirtualRDN is not contracted with insurance companies and will bill for services according to the rates listed on the website. I, the undersigned, understand that I am responsible for all charges due at the time of the appointment.
  7. By electronic acknowledgement you agree to comply with the above polices and acknowledge that you understand all terms, verbiage (language) and concepts herein.
  8. Furthermore, Client agrees not to hold VirtualRDN liable for any costs,
    damages, or bodily injury related to the services provided other than for willful misconduct or gross negligence.